Elizabeth Hyman, the writer of HISTORICITY (was already taken), is a professionally trained journalist, historian, and archivist with a passion for using her unique voice to write accessible history for general audiences. Her blog, originally housed on tumblr, currently commands over 116,000 followers. You may find a selection of her favorite posts using the above menu.

Her most popular post on tumblr, “Why Gender History is Important (Asshole)” had more than 88,000 comments and responses as of May 20, 2019. While her post “We Need to Talk About Anne Frank” significantly boosted her visibility and popularity. Both posts are about woman in/and the Holocaust.

Elizabeth is presently working on a non-fiction manuscript inspired by her post series Vladka Meed: Jewish Courier to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. If you are interested in representing Elizabeth, please contact her at erhyman@gmail.com.

You may learn more about Elizabeth’s education and career here.